In 2002, I was tasked with designing a plastic, front pocket, money clip for a local entrepreneur. The project was successful one and the client was happy.  That money clip project ignited several ideas and improvements that I wanted to implement for myself.  There were two simple facts.  First, I was an avid outdoors man and was always looking for unique items to take afield. Secondly, in college, I had sustained a back injury and as a result, had always carried my money and cards in my front pocket. It only made sense to add more functionality to something that I carried every day. After dozens of prototypes and years testing, the design of the Kodiak wallet was finalized. The Kodiak is a culmination of all the features I liked in a front pocket wallet, coupled with dozens of handy multi-tools for everyday use.

I loved the thought of manufacturing the wallet for myself, using local suppliers, and my own manufacturing expertise.  ITEK products was formed with this simple mission: To create rugged, innovative, and American Made products.  The Kodiak wallet being our flagship.  


As we grow, I look forward to creating new jobs in my community and continuing the tradition of craftsmanship and hard work passed down by my family.